10 Top Tips for the Perfect Lawn

Some of us find cutting the lawn therapeutic, whereas others find it a chore which they hate. Whatever side you fall on, it is something that must be done. Whether you have had years of experience or not, there are some mistakes that a lot of people make which can actually end up damaging the lawn. Mowing your lawn, especially in summer can take up a lot of your time so you need to make sure you are doing it correctly. If you want a well-cut lawn that looks neat, green and luscious then follow the tips below.

Lawn Tip #1: Reduce the height by 1/3
When mowing your lawn, aim to reduce the height by 1/3 at the most. If you cut any more than this in one go you can end up scorching and damaging the grass which can affect how strong it grows back. It can be tempting if the grass is long to just cut it down really short, but this doesn't reduce the frequency you need to mow it and cutting it too short can lead to more weeds growing which will give you more work to do in the garden, not less.

Lawn Tip #2: Make sure you clean your lawn mower regularly
This can be a task that is easily forgotten, but ensuring the lawn mower is clean and blades are still sharp will lead to a better-quality lawn. Overtime clippings can get built up so make sure you empty it regularly. Blunt blades can cause the grass to turn straw coloured at the tips. If you can, buy a second blade so you always have a spare. To test the sharpness of the blade, slide a piece of paper in. If it cuts straight through in a straight line then you know the blades are still working well.

Lawn Tip #3: Shop around for the right lawn mower for you
Don't just go for the cheapest option or the one you think looks the best. If they are good enough quality, they will last you for years so its best that you choose the best one to meet your needs. Consider what size your garden is. If it Is small, then a regular lawn mower will be fine, but if it is a large garden then is it worth considering a ride on mower to save you time. If you are struggling to find time to mow, you can also consider a robotic lawn mower. They are becoming increasingly popular and are still effective.

Lawn Tip #4: Don't forget to cut regularly
Even if you don't enjoy mowing the lawn, it's an important job that needs doing regularly. They are low maintenance during autumn and winter but need a lot more attention in the other months. Cut fortnightly in early spring and increase this to weekly during the late spring and summer months if the grass is growing quickly.

Lawn Tip #5: Adjust the cutting height
Most lawn mowers give you the option to change the cutting height. Raise the blade slightly higher at the beginning and end of the cutting season. Also have the grass cut a little longer when the weather is extremely hot as it means it will hold in more moisture and stop the grass from changing colour as much.

Lawn Tip #6: Don't mow on wet days
It is much easier to cut when the ground is dry. If it has recently rained, the ground will be damp, and you can bring up the soil as well as the damp grass clippings which can clump together. Check that the base of the grass is dry before mowing.

Lawn Tip #7: Don't cut grass that's just been sown
If you have recently placed grass seed down, avoid these areas until the grass is at least 4cm high.

Lawn Tip #8: Use the clippings
Make sure you use the clippings and get the most out of them. They are compostable and you can also leave the clippings on the lawn during summer months to help keep the moisture in.

Lawn Tip #9: Don't forget the edges
Always make sure you finish with cutting the edges. This can sometimes take longer than the mowing itself, especially if the edges are at awkward angles, but it helps the whole garden look neater.

Lawn Tip #10: You don't have to mow all of the grass
Although leaving your lawn to grow too long doesn't look nice, you can leave a small section of your garden longer for a more natural look. You can use this to grow wildflowers and create a small meadow area which is great for attracting wildlife and helps pollinators such as bees.

No matter whether your lawn is small or large, it deserves to be taken care of to ensure it looks nice for years to come.

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