9 Essential Tools You Need For Gardening

Gardening tools are an essential part of maintaining a beautiful garden. In order to make your garden live up to its fullest potential, there are several gardening tools that you will need. 

Here, we discuss 9 essential gardening tools you should own in order to make gardening a lot more productive, fun and less hard, strenuous work. 


Every gardener should own a pair of gloves. Ensure you choose gloves that fit your hands well. This is extremely important if you are working with delicate plants and seedlings. 

Also consider purchasing a thicker pair for tougher jobs. These have the additional benefit of keeping your hands warm during the colder months. Opt for fabrics that are water-resistant but also breathable so that your hands remain cool during Spring and Summer. 

Try and choose gloves that have longer cuffs to protect your wrists and forearms from scratches and to keep from soil getting into the glove.

Premium Quality Soil 

Your gardening will never be prosperous if you do not use the best soil possible. Ensuring you have quality soil means your plants will receive the correct minerals and nutrients they need to thrive. Think carefully about your soil, especially when you are planting in containers. You need soil that provides a rich well-drained base. 


Pruners are needed for clipping back stems and ensuring your garden is looking neat. They will be a tool you use again and again so it is worth investing in a quality pair that will last. 

Watering Can and Hose 

Select a watering can based on your strength and the size of the watering can. Don't be tempting to buy the largest watering can just because it holds the most. You need to make sure you can actually carry it around the garden. 

Watering cans are either plastic or metal. If you struggle carrying watering cans, you can purchase ones with double handles that can make lifting easier. Although the plastic ones are easier to transport, they will not last as long. 

Depending on the size of your garden, you may need watering cans as well as a hosepipe to ensure every inch of your garden can be watered. Choose a hose with an adjustable nozzle so that you can control how much water the plants and grass receive. Store hoses coiled up neatly and out of direct sunlight.

Also, remember to purchase a smaller can with a longer neck for indoor plants.


Trowels make digging small holes much easier. Ensure you choose a handle that is comfortable to hold to avoid any blisters forming. Also check that the blade is well fitted as over time they can become loose and will make gardening tasks more difficult. A trowel is a great gardening tool for transplanting bedding plants and herbs as well as removing weeds and planting in containers.


A traditional spade is a classic garden staple, especially if you have a large garden. They help turn up soil easily but ensure you choose one with the correct weight to suit your needs. 

Although a high-quality spade can be pricey, they are worth the investment if you are going to use them on a regular basis and high-quality gardening tools should last longer than cheap alternatives. 

Choose a spade with a stainless-steel head to avoid corrosion and a comfortable handle.

Garden Fork 

Also known as a digging fork, they can be used to turn over the soil, remove stones and break up clumps of soil or clay. They are also great for turning over compost. 

Using a garden fork before planting can help aerate the soil. 


Wheelbarrows are great for gardeners to transport heavy loads of plants, soil, compost and equipment around your garden. Invest in a wheelbarrow that is strong but does not weigh too much that you cannot lift or control it easily on your own. A high-quality wheelbarrow should last for many years if it is looked after. To keep it in its best condition, keep the tyres inflated and clean it before storing it away to avoid corrosion. 


Unless you only have a small patch of grass or no grass at all, a lawnmower is a garden essential in order to keep your grass looking great. Electric mowers are great for smaller lawns but consider buying a petrol mower if you have a larger lawn as they are more powerful and do not require a long extension lead to operate.

All of these gardening tools are great to have as shed staples. They can improve the way you work in the garden and help you achieve results. However, these are just a few of the essentials that you will need to get started at gardening. If you want to expand your garden tool selection, here are a few more great additions:

• Garden shears or hedge trimmers

• Hoe

• Step Ladder

• Pickaxe

• Hand Weeding Tool

• Leaf Blower

• Powered Hedge Cutter

• Lawnmower

• Rake

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